Stipendium 2013

Nicolina Jonsson och Anna Rosén – Pause stipendiater 2013 

Årets stipendiater, som är masters studenter vid Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, har deltagit i ett internationellt ledarskapsprogram för framtida globala ledare arrangerat av Iacocca´s institut ”Global Village” vid Lehigh University, USA. Deras stipendierapporter tar upp aspekter på hållbart ledarskap. Nicolina Jonssons rapport har titeln “The value of values for sustainable leadership in attracting and retaining talent”

Excecutive summary

Resources of all kinds have become scarcer during the past decades. To meet the challenges of our future the idea of sustainability was introduced. One strand of the sustainability concept is what is called sustainable leadership, which encompasses the idea of leaders creating lasting value for environment, society, economy and all stakeholders affected by his or hers actions and the actions of the organization. One important part of sustainable leadership is to attract and retain talent for a sustainable development of the organisation.

Company values have more and more become a way for companies to profile themselves and stand out in a competitive market. Values are an important part of employer branding, which is a strategy to manage the awareness and perceptions of employees and potential employees.
By analysing the value of values from four different perspectives, the academic, the practical, the global village and the personal, this report presents ideas of how values arise and shows the importance of alignment between stated values and lived values. The report also shows the value of congruence between employee values and organisational values for job satisfaction and turnover rates. The importance of leadership when it comes to living by values in an organisation is also discussed by presenting several cases. My experiences and discussions from Global Village, on the subject of values and their importance in different countries and cultures also add depth to the report.

Drawing on the insights from the four perspectives it can be concluded that values provide value for sustainable leadership by being a competitive advantage when trying to attract talent. Values can further provide value by helping to retain employees by giving them a context and meaning with their job, as well as creating effective and normative commitment by shared values.

By implementing sustainable values, sustainable leaders can provide a behavioural framework that guides the employees in their everyday work decisions and actions. Values can also provide a common ground for further developing a sustainable organisation. Making sure that employees feel involved in the value system development can be a source of unity. However, it is important to realise that values and value-systems do not change over night, and it can take at least 3-5 years to see proper results.

Anna Roséns rapport har titeln “Tri-sector leadership”.

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