Stipendium 2011

Ulla Marie Petersson – Pause–stipendiat 2011

Ulla-Marie har en examen från Personal- och Arbetslivsprogrammet vid Uppsala universitet och arbetar idag som HR-specialist på Kronans Droghandel. Ulla-Marie genomförde sin stipendieperiod vid California State University i San Francisco Vad har stipendiet betytt för dig?
– För mig personligen innebär det en möjlighet att fördjupa mig i ett mycket aktuellt ämne som jag tror kan vara intressant för alla som hanterar kompetensfrågor på dagens rörliga arbetsmarknad. Sedan är det ju en fantastisk erfarenhet att få nya perspektiv inom HR och jätteroligt att bo utomlands en tid!

Ulla-Maries stipendierapport har rubriken
Managing contingent workers




The main purpose of The Pause Scholarship Foundation report of 2011 is to deepen the practical knowledge about what consequences the use of contingent work has on management. The research question is therefore: What successful strategies can be found today within the information technology sector in Sweden and in the US when it come to lead and manage performance and knowledge of contingent high skilled workers? The findings form research in this report is that the main motivators of consultants to go contracting, is money, enhanced autonomy, skill development and control over ones own time. To successfully manage consultants, research suggest that you should provide inducements according to what motivates them, be aware of whether they went into contracting by own choice and finally treat them as an important part of your organization. The last section of the report covers the findings of 8 interviews with IT project managers with experience of managing consultants. The findings reveals that they all depend heavily on contractors in their daily operation, that the consultant is a high performer but sometimes lack the whole picture, and that the loyalty of the consultant is sometimes questioned. The top five best practices of managing consultants suggested by this report is ti choose them carefully, introduce them thoroughly, create participation and commitment, keep regular employees on key positions and to transfer knowledge between consultants and regular employees.

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